Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Depot to Depot

Our project is officially underway! We are booked to ride the Southwest Chief from Lamar, Colorado to Raton, New Mexico this coming Friday. This morning we got in touch with Amtrak Media Relations in Chicago and figured out how to get Press Access on the ride. Once we receive confirmation that we have been authorized, we are hoping that folks riding and working on the train will take a few minutes to talk to us.
We will have a long layover in Raton before turning back to Lamar, so we have scheduled a group interview with Greater Raton Economic Development Corporation Paul Jenkins, Economic/Community Development Director for Raton Christopher Reed, and Colfax County Commissioner Bill Sauble. We felt a lot of small-town love when Paul graciously set this up for us within minutes of answering our phone call.
At this point in our project the information we are working with is still developing. No one knows what is going to happen to the Colorado/New Mexico portion of the Southwest Chief, and the upcoming legislature is dependent on so many factors. Working with an “if…then…” framework is challenging for a reporter, so we are gearing up to be as flexible as possible and stay on our toes.
This first train trip really marks the jumping off point of our project. I am looking forward to getting into the field and collecting our first batch of sound! Stay tuned…

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