Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Looking Ahead

What a week! We have accomplished so much, but have a lot more ground to cover ahead. Since we returned from our ride on the Southwest Chief, we've been working on transcribing the interviews we collected and are getting prepared for our upcoming field trips.
This Thursday we will be meeting with Amtrak Media Relations Manager Marc Magliari in Denver to talk about what's happening at the core of the company. Magliari is usually stationed in Chicago, so when we heard he was going to be close by, we jumped at the opportunity to interview him in person. 
After that, the next step will be for Maggie and me to take individual trips to a Colorado town that is on the Southwest Chief line-- one that would not longer be a stop if the train is rerouted through Oklahoma and Texas. I have chosen to visit La Junta and Maggie has chosen to visit Trinidad. We are working on setting up interviews with city officials and county commissioners so that we can learn more about how these towns economically and socially interact with the Southwest Chief, and how they might be effected if the Southwest Chief no longer chugged through them. 
Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are a couple more shots from our journey from Lamar to Raton.

It was a clear morning at the depot in Lamar.

Empty storefronts at dusk in Raton, NM.

It's peaceful between meals in the Dining Car on the Southwest Chief. 

Taken from the depot in Raton, NM.

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