Monday, March 3, 2014

On the road again!

It's back to Southeastern Colorado for Martha and me today, but this time separately. It's a little bittersweet that today is likely our last day in the field collecting audio for our radio series, as it's been inspiring to visit the towns (and passionate people working in them) that are facing the possibility of losing the train. As Martha mentioned in her last post, I'll head two hours due south on I-25 to the town of Trinidad, CO to meet with City Manager Tom Acre and Councilwoman Carol Bolton.

Last year, the two committed themselves to the Southwest Chief efforts and took the train (along with other state and local leaders) through the Kansas and Colorado portion in support. I spoke to a number of folks in Trinidad, and all recommended I meet with Mr. Acre and Ms. Bolton when it comes to Chief related questions. 

This afternoon, I look forward to speaking to Las Animas County Commissioner Gary Hill, as well. Martha will head east to La Junta for a number of meetings with local leaders and citizens there to learn about the train's influence on the community. Stay with us on our blog of updates on the radio project. Though the beautiful photos and live updates of our trips down south are coming to an end, it won't be long before you can hear the start of our radio series on KRCC-FM News! 

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